Lovetraction Lines Review by Simone Myers – Does it Work or Scam?

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Lovetraction Lines Review 

In fact, a little bit is known about why some men cheat, even when they’re happy with the relationship. Like, really dude? Is it so challenging to keep it in your pants?

Plenty of guys are very possessed with a behavior that is recognized as the shifty eye syndrome. When a guy doesn’t concentrate on just one girl.

Some guys report not being able to finish, and others look for professional advice to strive to solve it.

However, as a woman, you are NOT liable for that!

Even bad, guys Need loyalty from their girlfriends or wives, but they can’t answer.

Unhappily, most of them have problems when it comes to feelings and emotions. I believe it’s simpler for them to deal with a quickie than accepting intimacy.

For me, everything turned, and it can also turn for you. That’s why I designed this Lovetraction Lines review.

At first, I was doubtful, but later, I had to handle myself and not use the methods taught here.

The Benefits of Working With Instincts

Lovetraction Lines is wondrous because it acts in the man’s “instinct brain.”

In my opinion, it acts like this:

  1. Make him present when he’s with you.
  2. Awaken a positive instinct/want in him, without his understanding.
  3. Make him recognize you as the woman worthy of getting that profound emotion.
  4. Enjoy!

Lovetraction Lines ReviewLovetraction Lines applies the Mouse Trap system to make a guy go mad for you. It can sound a little bit weird, but it’s really a science. Think of this way…

  • One day, you’ve been searching really hard, you’re fully concentrated -being distracted.
  • Then, your mom reaches home with delicious pizza, you smell it and, quickly, you realize two things: Your mom is home and you’re starving -make him present / awaken a positive instinct.
  • You have a requirement/instinct to fill, there’s food in the fridge (it’s your parents’), but you need to fill that instinct with pizza! -make him want you.
  • Finally, you eat.

I understand this example was a small gross, but instinct is an instinct. Yes definitely here, you’ll awake love deep love instincts.

Be Smart About It!

As girls, when a guy begins turning distant, we discuss the circumstances in a more emotional way and seldom view it logically. On the other side, guys access everything logically, without recognizing their own emotions.

Because of that, if we strive to appeal to their emotions, guys pull even more or think that “you’re working too hard.”

For them, your reactions are “too emotional,” and they release them as “extreme.”

But they don’t understand, that they are being too separated, cold; to the point of working as if they weren’t talking with a person who loves them.

However, a usual thing that drives us away logic or emotion, are our instincts.

Instincts are an impulse that drives us to do something, even if don’t desire to. If you understand how to reach him at that level, you’ll have the upper hand.

And, let me know you, not only with him but with most of the people in life.

Here’s where this program comes to the saving. Although it’s intended at enhancing romantic relationships between men and women, it provides you more knowledge of relationships as a whole.

About Lovetraction Lines

Lovetraction Lines is a complete guide created for women who found to build deep love feelings in the men.

The guide was designed by Simone Myers. According to Simone, the core of her program is mind chemistry.

Simone states that the human mind is a hard-wired system. In fact, minds have a system that is almost difficult to override. It will always react to specific stimuli like numbers, sounds, or words.

So, when you apply any Lovetraction Lines, you’ll trigger a chemical response. Then, phenylethylamine, also recognized as “the love drug” will be delivered in his mind.

Let’s see it this way, when you have sex, you release numerous substances in your mind; one of the most significant is endorphins.

Now, endorphins can be delivered by simply exercising or eating chocolate. So, our body recognizes what it wants endorphins, wants it NOW, and it will want it from the most pleasing source it can see.

Having stated that, you get to generate the requirement and satisfy it. He’ll have no option but to come to you.

Even much better, since men are all about logic, he won’t understand what hit him.

Examples of Lines discovered in the Lovetraction Lines Guide

  • “Light of my Life” Line
  • This line was invented to make your ex-boyfriend feel that you were the most excellent thing that happened to him.
  • The instinct/necessary it triggers can only be satisfied through minds.
  • “Attraction Meow” Line
  • Bring your relationship to the next level!

This line will guide you on how to get over the friend zone.

  • “Blind Sweetheart” Line
  • This line reveals to you how to develop him trust you, feel secure, and always want to stay with you.

Other lines assist you in:

  • A view that your man struggles hard to meet your requirements in the relationship.
  • Warm-up your relationship to recover and make strong his promise to you.
  • Make your man infatuated with you by stimulating his natural interest.

What Can You Expect?

With Lovetraction Lines, you get control over the beautiful relationship, without him seeing. This is how our grandmothers got grandpa to believe that he was the one in control.

Also, you can spark his desire “without striving.” Why does this matter?

Well, in the wrong logical thought of men, if they look something as “trying too hard,” they manage to pull back.

With Lovetracion Lines, he’ll be the one working. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to prevent taking care of him or being hot.

You’ll just awaken a necessity he wasn’t aware of, provide him space to fill it with you, and you can keep on being yourself.

This also operates in you…

For me, one of the greatest parts was to see my own uncertainties.

As I applied these lines with my boyfriend, he became happier showing me commitment and affection. So, in my logical and emotional sides, I was sure that he was in love with me, however…

There were still uncertainties lurking!

As soon as I came to that understanding, I started working on them and became a more self-confident woman.

Lovetraction Lines Review – Conclusion

End of the review, we would like to tell you that Lovetraction Lines is the most beneficial when it comes to supporting you motivate him in any relationship.

As I stated before, at some point, I had to act on myself to be able to appreciate the results. However, it’s better to operate on you while your relationship is going great. Even healthy, with his help.

Remember one thing always try to take matters in your hands and make beneficial changes!

Sometimes, we work really hard and get disappointed because we don’t get any kind of results. However, we don’t question if the actions we’re taking are really helpful or beneficial.

Here, you have an effective program that is both reliable and beneficial. It supports making a healthy relationship and brings out the best of you and him!

Lovetraction Lines Review – Pros & Cons


– Explains the right words to apply.

There is no hit or miss. The program has been investigated and confirmed. Everything is beneficial if you use it properly.

– Learn to make the right emotions for a guy.

Want to excite him? Make him touch you? Treat you great when you’re with friends? Here’s how!

– Adjusted for our digital age.

Take his full attention through emails, chats, and texts. Your voice has numerous ways to travel.

– Don’t overcomplicate it!

The guide is extremely user-friendly since it’s written in easy and clear language.

Also, everything there is helpful and practical. Don’t expect filler stuff.

– You’ll get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Just try it without any risk!


– Digital format only.

You’ll require an electronic device like a smartphone, laptop to read it.


Lovetraction Lines is a comprehensive guide suggested especially for women searching to build deep love feelings in the man they love.

It was invented by a relationship specialist who designed these methods based on biological principals.

It supports you to apply his instinct to catch his full attention and make him want to just to be with you.

Lovetraction Lines will guide you the Mouse Trap Method which makes a guy go mad you.

Lovetraction Lines is a system that will encourage you to take your relationship to the upper level, without putting extra effort. It’ll surely work on you just need to follow every step properly.

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